Eric Delmelle, Ph.D.

Geography and Earth Sciences
Associate Professor
Hickory 41A

Dr. Eric Delmelle is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography & Earth Sciences at University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He received his M.A. in Geography at SUNY Buffalo in 2001, his M.S. in Industrial Engineering at SUNY Buffalo in 2004, and his PhD in Geography at SUNY Buffalo in 2005. His teaching and research interests include GIS, epidemiology, uncertainty, and spatial analysis and modeling. His research is articulated around three themes: (1) modeling and visualization of vector-borne diseases outbreaks in Colombia; (2) modeling of water contamination from private well water in rural counties and risk communication to remote population, (3) geographic access to care with a particular focus on residential mobility. As of February 1 2021, he has co-edited 2 book volumes, co-written over 60 papers in peer-reviewed journals and 20 articles in edited books and conference proceedings, and has participated in over 100 conference proceedings and invited talks. He has been funded by the March of Dames Foundations, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the North Carolina Water Resources Research.